Lynn Stallworth, Ph.D. has 20 years experience teaching a variety of accounting courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level.  Her primary teaching area is in financial accounting.  She has also taught courses in current issues, managerial, and international topics.

Dr. Stallworth’s  research interests include case-writing, behavioral accounting research, earnings management and pedagogical issues. Her dissertation examined the ways in which affective, normative and continuance commitment differed between male and female accountants.   In 2003 and 2005, Dr. Stallworth participated in case-writing workshops at Harvard Business School.  She has published four cases and has at least as many in process. Her 2004 article on revenue recognition, which was recognized with an Internal Auditor Outstanding Contributor award, has been included in a number of collections and translated into several languages.  Her most recent publication is a practitioner article on tax issues for bloggers.  A case on this topic is under review at Issues in Accounting Education.

During the last 10 years, Dr. Stallworth has worked as a freelance editor and has contributed content to accounting text books and supplements, primarily for John Wiley & Sons Publishing.  Her projects have included the last three editions of Kieso, Kimmel and Weygandts’ Intermediate Accounting text as well as two editions of the IFRS version of the text.  Other projects include a variety of  financial and managerial texts authored by Kieso, Kimmel and Weygandt.

Dr. Stallworth was licensed as a CPA in her home state of Mississippi in 1987.  Her license is currently inactive although she has done way more CPE than would be required to maintain it. Her professional experience includes working as an auditor for in the New Orleans office of Arthur Andersen & Co..  She was assigned to work on a variety of clients including Callon Petroleum in Natchez, Mississippi and  one of the city’s  Fortune 500 company, Freeport-McMoran Inc.  Her favorite assignment was as acting controller for the New Orleans Symphony.  After leaving Andersen, Dr. Stallworth worked in the financial reporting department of Freeport-McMoran Inc.  She prepared the financial statements for several of the company’s subsidiaries including an oil and gas royalty trust and Freeport Gold Company.  Her responsibilities also included accounting for executive compensation and the company’s pension plans.

Dr. Stallworth publishes a food blog at http://www.carolinabonvivant.com.  She formerly blogged at www.anothermarvelousmeal.com.  Another Marvelous Meal focused on meal planning and family dinners.  Carolina Bon Vivant is about enjoying the good life in the mountains of western North Carolina.  The new blog includes her culinary adventures, entertaining tips, restaurant reviews, weekend  getaways and road trip ideas, and whatever else strikes her fancy! Having successfully published in the area, she hopes to share her thoughts on blogging and taxes with fellow food bloggers at upcoming conferences.


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